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"Let's create a more

Comfortable World"

About Us


The Pro1 Difference

A friend of the trade dedicated to our community.

Pro1 is one of the largest manufacturers of electronics for the Professional Heating and Cooling industry. Our founding vision was to invent, manufacture and sell high value products exclusively to professionals. We remain 100% committed to that vision.

Pro1 is a family business with special emphasis on giving back to the communities that helped us build our business. Our distribution and customer support center employ over 30 outstanding individuals with disabilities. We strive to make our community and the Professional Heating and Air Industry a better place.


Meet our Board of Directors  

Jeff Edgar - Jeff was educated at DePaul University and earned an MBA. His entire career has been focused on Heating and Air Professionals. Jeff is President of Pro1 with special expertise in sales and marketing.

Bontiea Goss - Bontiea earned a Master Degree from Missouri State. Bontiea is COO of Preferred Health Care, the largest social services company in the midwest. For Pro1, she leads our operations and is a major contributor to product development.

Tom Goss - Tom has an MBA from the University of Arkansas. He is CFO for Preferred Health Care and Pro1. In addition to managing the fiscal health of Pro1, Tom is a major contributor to supply chain management.

Pro1 Vision

Together: Create a more comfortable world.

At Pro1, it all starts with a mindset – we are in this together. There is no “us and them.” From our internal team to our relationship with the trade to the way we treat our end consumers – we are part of the same team. At the end of the day, we will measure our team’s success by whether we've been able to make the world a more comfortable place. Have we created products that make life simpler and get the job done, every time? Do we have business relationships grounded in trust and shared success? Have we created a work environment that is supportive and assures people feel at home? It is a high-bar, but what we can accomplish as a team dwarfs what we could accomplish independently.

Pro1 Values

Put People First.

At Pro1, we put people first in everything we do. We do everything we can to make every customer, partner, and employee a lifelong member of the Pro1 family.

Create meaningful innovation.

We believe in innovation that gets used; that makes a difference. We combine a passion for “what’s next” with a love of simplicity. We relentlessly pursue possibility, but we are always grounded in a common sense that ensures our innovations are the ones that have a real impact on people’s lives.

Do what it takes to get it right.

Our products, our people, and our service will demonstrate our unwavering commitment to quality in everything we do. We see every unexpected challenge, every partner request, and every business obstacle as an opportunity to do something extraordinary. Where others see roadblocks, we find solutions.