FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


How do I remove my thermostat from the wall?  

To properly detach a Pro1 thermostat from its sub-base  gently pull from the bottom of the thermostat.  See the below example.


Can I reset my thermostat if it is not functioning properly?  

The thermostat can be reset by power cycling.  Power cycle the thermostat by removing if from the subbase and remove the batteries (some thermostats will not have batteries). Wait 10 seconds and then replace the batteries and place the thermostat back on the subbase.

How can I upgrade my thermostat?

The Pro1 professional thermostat systems are designed to give you the best technology of today and the flexibility for easy upgrading in the future.  Our innovative design always has the same footprint so you never have to worry about wall marks to repair if you upgrade to a new model.  Your Heating and Air Conditioning technician can help you upgrade.

What is auto-changeover? 

Auto-changeover is a feature on some of our models that automatically selects heating or cooling based upon your program settings.  The user sets the program for heating and for cooling and then put the thermostat in “Auto” mode on the system switch.  The thermostat will then use the programmed settings to turn on heating or cooling as needed.

When in auto-changeover (auto selected with the system key) mode there must be a minimum of a 3 degree dead-band between the heating and cooling setpoint. For example, if the heating setpoint for a given time period is 70 degrees then the cooling setpoint must be 73 degrees or higher.

Your cooling setpoint must always be higher than your heating setpoint for a given time period.

If “Heat” or “Cool” is flashing while in Auto mode, this means that the last time your system was running, it was in that mode. 

Should my heat be turning on before the WAKE programmed time period begins?

Many Pro1 programmable thermostats have a morning recovery feature that will turn on your heating or cooling before the start time of your wake program so that the room temperature is near your wake set point temperature at the time you selected for the wake time period.

Why is there a delay before my heating or cooling comes on?

Some Pro1 thermostats have built in delays that will last for 5 minutes or longer before heating or cooling is turned on. One reason this feature is used is to help protect your system against short cycling.  Your heating and cooling professional knows how to use these features to your best advantage.  

If you see a FAN, HEAT or COOL icon flashing, that means it is in one of these delays.  The icon will quit flashing when the delay has ended.

Why does my heating or cooling continue to run even after the set-point says to turn it off?

Some Pro1 thermostats have a built in minimum run time feature that will make sure your system always runs for at least 5 minutes every time your system turn on.  This feature is often used to help remove humidity and to keep your system from turning on and then off too quickly.

I have a programmable thermostat but I do not want to use the program, what should I do?  

Our programmable thermostats have an override feature that lets you override the program temporarily or permanently.  Your thermostat will be in permanent override if you press the up or down temperature keys and then press the “hold” key. You will notice the word “hold” near your setpoint and now your thermostat will stay at your setpoint temperature until you press “run sched” or turn the system switch to “off”.

Why is my display blank except for the low battery icon?  

Your display will be blank except for the low battery icon as a final warning to replace the batteries. You should replace the batteries immediately. Your display will return to normal operation after the batteries are replaced.

Why is my display light not working? 

Some Pro1 thermostats will turn off the display light when the batteries are getting low.  The display light will return to normal operation after the batteries are replaced.

What kind of batteries should I use in my Pro1 thermostat? 

All Pro1 thermostats use 2 AA batteries.  We recommend Duracell® or Energizer® brand batteries for the best performance.

How long should my batteries last? 

Battery life depends upon the number of on and off cycles and the amount of display light use.  Pro1 thermostats will operate for approximately 1 year before batteries need to be replaced.  The low battery icon will show in the display when batteries need to be replaced.  You will see a flashing battery icon when your batteries are starting to get low.  This is an early warning that your batteries need to be replaced. If this low battery indicator is ignored, the thermostat display will disappear except for the low battery indicator as a final warning before the thermostat becomes inoperable.  On some models, the display light will not work until batteries are replaced.  This feature conserves battery power and also provides a reminder to change the batteries.

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How do I change my batteries? 

Open the door on the front of the thermostat.  Replace with 2 high quality AA Batteries (Duracell or Energizer).  If you don’t see batteries behind the door on the front, pull the thermostat off its sub-base with a firm tug to access the batteries at the back of the thermostat.

What does it mean when “FILT” appears on my thermostat display?

If your installing contractor has configured the thermostat to remind you when your filter needs to be changed, you will see “FILt” in the display when it is time to change your filter.  

After your have changed your filter and reset your Filter Change Reminder, “FILt” will disappear and not appear again until it’s time to change your filter again.

To reset the reminder:  

600 Family Models - hold the Program and Time button down for 3 seconds.

700 Family Models will have a column of buttons on the left side of your thermostat – hold the second button from the top down for 3 seconds.

801 Model will have 2 buttons behind the door – hold down the one on the left(Fan Button) for 3 seconds.

Other 800 Family Models will have 6 buttons behind the door – hold down the second button from the left for 3 seconds.

900 Family Models – hold down the “Clean” button for 3 seconds.