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What if every room in your home could be the perfect temperature?

It can be. 


It’s time to put the power of comfort in your hands with Pro1. We offer a full range of innovative comfort control systems that give you the power to regulate the temperature in any room of your home to the setting that is tailored to your lifestyle. Our energy-efficient products empower you to feel great in any room and ensure you always have complete control.

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Basic Comfort



Enhanced Comfort



Ultimate Comfort

Be comfortable in your home with the latest thermostat technology. This solution enables you to control temperature from a single fixed location, but does not always ensure maximum comfort in all rooms.



Enjoy greater comfort with the freedom of remotely controlling temperature throughout your home so it can be optimized for one room during the day and another at night. This is an affordable solution that improves comfort with the flexibility to control temperature in one location at a time.



Experience complete control with the ability to control temperature from all locations in your home independently so that everyone can be comfortable everywhere. This solution minimizes energy consumption by only conditioning rooms that are occupied.



Accurately control temperature from one fixed location in your home.


Remotely control temperature throughout your home from one location at a time.


Simultaneously set rooms in each area of your home to different temperatures for optimal control.