Pro1 Thermostats

Thermostats are around us every minute of every day, and are one of the most important products in our lives. Thermostats control the comfort of your home as well as nearly half of your home's energy. With modern technology, you can have complete control of both energy and comfort. You can even put the thermostat in "auto-mode" and enjoy energy savings from automatic setbacks. 

Whether you need cutting edge technology or an affordable basic model, Pro1 has you covered.  We are one of very few "full line" thermostat manufactures (45 unique models and counting).  Your heating and cooling professional will help you choose the right model.


900 Family 

13 sq inch display - Touchscreen






800 Family

8 sq inch display - Large easy to read numbers






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700 Family

Up to 6 sq inch display - Great value





600 Family

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2 sq inch display - Builder grade






500 Family

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Mechanical - Builder grade