Getting Started With Google Home

    Google Home Overview

    Help Tips
    Linking Process

    • Before trying to link, make sure the user has the Google Home app downloaded and they have logged in to the Google Home app.
    • Before trying to link, the user must have at least 1 thermostat in the Pro1 Connect App.
    • The customer should start the linking process from the Pro1 Connect App. Don’t start the process from the Google Home App.

    Thermostat Control

    • Thermostat names should be easily spoken.
    • Avoid numbers in thermostat names - these can confuse Google Home
    • Testing shows it can take 30-45 seconds for a thermostat to update after a voice command.
    • If the user has Scheduling turned on and the user changes the temperature with Google Home, the thermostat will enter a Temporary Hold.
    Google Home Voice Commands
    Google Home Customer Support
    Available Voice Commands
    Example Phrases

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do PRO1 thermostats work with home automation platforms?

    Yes. At this time, PRO1-connected products are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.


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