Make Your Company
    The Brand.

    The Power Of Partnership

    Private Label Program

    The Pro1 Private Label program was designed to make your brand the focus of the installation.  Many other Private label programs make your company's name secondary to their thermostat brand.  At Pro1, we'll put your brand front and center; where it should be.  The Pro1 private label program also doesn't require you to stock expensive thermostat inventory.  Just buy what you need.  Snap off the Pro1 brand and snap on your brand.  It couldn't be easier.


    Fill Out Our Private Label Form

    Fill out either the online form and submit it or download the Private Label Form and fax it to 1-888-Pro1FAX (776-1329).

    Download Private Label Form


    Online Private Label Form


    Receive The Badges In The Mail

    After completing the Pro1 Private Label form you will receive your custom badges in the mail within 2-3 weeks of placing your order.

    Remove The Pro1 Badge

    Carefully slide a screwdriver into the bottom edge of the badge and gently turn the screwdriver counter clockwise.

    Make Your Thermostat The Brand

    Place your new custom badges on the magnetic section you removed the Pro1 badge from making your company the new brand of the thermostat!
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