Experience Demand Response Through the Professional HVAC Channel

Demand response programs save energy, generate revenue for homeowners, and help the environment.  Now that utility companies and HVAC professionals are working together, we can reach more homes than ever before without the expense of installation.  


What Does Pro1 Bring to the Industry?


Trusted Brand Name

Thousands and thousands of professional installers already prefer Pro1 thermostats.  When transitioning to sophisticated technologies, installers and homeowners prefer to use familiar brands they know they can trust.

Easy Installation

The millions and millions of Pro1 thermostats already installed in the field can be easily upgraded to Wi-Fi without additional wiring. The interchangeable sub-base makes installation quick and easy.  The common wire must be connected to operate.

Existing Distribution 

Pro1 has an extensive distribution channel throughout the country.  We have the market knowledge and relationships necessary to succeed in the professional HVAC channel.

We Know Hardware 

Pro1 specializes in making high quality HVAC controls for the professional trade.  We know the ins and outs of heating and cooling equipment, understand the market demands, and continue to optimize system performance year after year.  

Reliable Technology

The Pro1 thermostat uses Comverge technology which is a leader in the Demand Response market.  Their communication software has been validated through hundreds of thousands of thermostats already in the field.  With Pro1 and Comverge working together you can rest assured you are using a proven solution.